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We make films and videos... And, No! We won’t charge you a bomb for your corporate film/ Behind The Scene video/ commercial/ short film/ viral etc... etc.

Azmeen Films is your last stop in case you’re looking for a crew to handle all aspects of production and post-production, together and separately. Hit us if you’re looking for a production house that can adapt to any and every kind of video you wish to make.

At Azmeen, we are incredibly passionate about our work. Fiction, Documentary, Commercial, Corporate… we do all kinds of videos. 
We request client privacy so meet with us to see videos apart from on the website. 


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Samar Ali Warsi

Founder | Director | Editor

Writer & Director & Editor & Photographer & everything, this man in himself is a one man crew who wishes to make films every single day for the rest of life. (And also to clone himself so he can have a crew of only Samars handling everything)

Manas Tiwari

Cinematographer | D.P.

Our versatile Director of Photography who comes up with about a 100 ideas per minute about various camera angle. No one knows how he ends up shooting so fast and coming up with amazing footage every single time.

Mahima Upamanue

Writer | Executive Producer

She is like the idea factory. Her perfect day is one spent writing a feature screenplay for at least 10 of the 24 hours. The rest are of course bingeing on TV shows and throwing the usual They-Should’ve-Worked-On-The-Script-More tantrum. 


Sakshi Mishra

Director | Editor

Our multi-talented Director/ Editor is the silent worker who we weaponize as the person who will have the best candid footage. Her grasp of the moments to cover and industriousness is hard to come by in someone with her level of experience. 

Ajay Aarondekar
VFX | Animations

Just give him a powerful machine with his set of tools and he comes out with the most seamless Graphics, Animations, Motion-Tracks, 3D designs etc. Our ultimate pillar for post-production of literally anything!

Dhananjay Navagrah

Cinematographer | D.P.

He is possibly the most tantrum-less crew member. This humble, soft-spoken and versatile Director of Photography will never tell you about the hundreds of projects he has spent behind the camera.

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